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Corporate Holiday Trends

Main Course California is committed to authentic, flavorful food. From our farm-fresh ingredients, innovative cuisine and pairings, to creative ideas in event planning, we make every special occasion unique and memorable. As the holiday season approaches, and new and familiar clients approachsteak-bites us to assist them in planning memorable special occasions, we are often asked what are the latest trends that will make their individual event stand out.

Many corporate events are generally focused on team-building, and companies are choosing to continue this well into the holiday season for the  annual company holiday party.   The goal is to keep guests guessing, engaged and provide the “wow” factor at each step of the event – from invitation, to welcoming the first guests all the way through until the end of the event.

For the 2016 Holiday Season, it’s all about guest interaction and their experience. This “experience” is manifest in how food, beverage, activities as well as event layout and seating is arranged. Presentation is everything. How guests are served their appetizers and how their beverages are presented is what makes an event memorable. Innovative seating configurations for guests with long, high tables and tall stools pulled up to them encourage conversation and better interaction. Some favorite food/beverage and guest activity options for the holiday corporate event include:

  • A Make-Your-Own- Holiday Punch Station with Instructions and Ingredients that encourage guest-interaction and some fun.
  • Food Trends: Comfort Food, Grab-n-Go Food, Locally-Produced, Sustainable Menus
  • Fun Photobooths
  • Activity “Stations”: If the venue is large enough, each room can have a different theme: for those who want to dance, have a nightclub; for those who want to interact, have a giant chess board with life-sized pieces; in another area, have several tables with puzzles to assemble.
  • Continuing the experience after the event: edible favors with a personal thank you from the executive team

No matter what you choose to do for your annual holiday party, Main Course California can help you find a venue, assist in creating an event plan, as well as provide a food and beverage experience that will help make this year the most memorable yet.