1363 Donlon St. #11
Ventura, CA 93003

Robert Jacobi, President & Owner Main Course CA

Main Course California prides itself on making all our events a success.  It is our belief never to promise more than we can handle, but rather to deliver more than we promised.  It is on this maxim that a legendary reputation has been built and on which we have earned the trust of our community and clientele.

Over the years, Main Course California has been the preferred caterer for a variety of customers in helping make their event dreams a reality.  We have catered celebrity weddings, most recently a wedding by Bonnie Walker Events for Kevin Hart and his bride Eniko Parrish (now Hart) this summer. It was amazing!!

In 2011, MCC received our first big break into the corporate event world with daily services provided to the staff of lynda.com. Owners Lynda and Bruce requested gluten-free, no white starch, low sodium, locally sourced ingredients, no refined sugar, low-fat meals to serve their then 250-300 employees 5 days a week, for 2 years. Working around flavor and food profiles that require a certain amount of creative and out of the box cooking is what we do not shy away from. The fact that we were actually able to have many clients not even notice that their major comfort food ingredients (sugar, white starch, fat etc.) were “missing” was a challenge we took to heart. Proudly, our kitchen crew pulled it off without a hitch. This in my mind is the way to build long-term partner-based relationships. We walk the extra mile. We care.

Another example of how Main Course California is committed to creating a personal food experience is in the following example:  We have had the opportunity to serve Mercedes Benz International for several of their Southern California events. I think it is safe to say that one of the main reasons they went with Main Course CA was the fact that I personally translated their catering menus into German. Most of their employees are from Germany so our ability to provide the exceptional food and service for which we are known while also providing menus written in their first language helped in creating that long-term partnership. It was my personal pleasure to describe the various ingredients to the Mercedes staff while they were going through the buffet line. Many of the ingredients we use here in California are not very common in Germany. It was a mixture between California fresh and German comfort food. The Mercedes staff were happy. Happy mechanics=happy cars.

Main Course California’s strength lies in being able to adjust, improvise and accommodate our clients’ needs. Our talented staff, years of experience and range of capabilities make us the ideal partner for any person, business or social group looking for a great caterer that they’d like to continue working with for years to come.

Our goal for 2017 is to continue this commitment to service, and delicious authentic food which has become our legacy. We will continue our focus on local and corporate events while maintaining our fondness of catering weddings and social events.  New menus will be rolling out this next year from our Executive Chef Tony Sewell who is sure to keep recipes fresh and seasonal by working closely with our valued local purveyors.  With his and our COO Judy Taylor’s vast experience in making large and intricate events a success, Main Course California will continue on a path of outreach to the community and valued clientele. We are excited to streamline our product and service to incorporate new trends and a more competitive price point.

I am very happy to be at the helm of a business that has become a go-to caterer in the Tri-Counties and can work alongside such a talented and honorable crew.  All the people who work for or with Main Course California are truly professionals through and through and we look forward to what 2017 has to bring. We are ready!