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Nobility of Food Service

As owner of a catering business I am often asked what the most popular dish and service style are. The answer is chicken and buffet and the reason for this is that most events are on a budget. Buffets and chicken are a wonderful option, but what gives them a bad name is when they are done poorly. Often times, the less we spend the less quality we will get; however, it is possible to have quality food at your event and not break the bank. An excellent caterer will always make sure that the quality of their food stays the same.

It matters what kind of catering brand we choose. There are enough “can to pan” caterers around who will do a great job in presentation i.e. fancy looking displays. But the moment you take your first bite you realize that you have been fooled. You soon realize that the food that is in those fancy chafing dishes and bowls is below par. Often the chicken is dry, the meat tough and many appetizers are thawed items purchased from a cheap wholesaler. And please don’t get me started about the pesticide filled, gas ripened tomatoes from Mexico and greens from large industrial grow houses…

Don’t sell yourself short! You may decide to “splurge” for plated service and pay an extra $20/person. But if the plated food isn’t good, then that additional $20/person becomes a poor investment.  If the food isn’t excellent then no matter how fancy the buffet, action station, or family style platters – your event will just be another one of “those” events. The experience and probably the mood of everyone in the room will drop to that well known “same old wariness” we have all experienced too many times.

Here are some bullet points that identify what actually makes buffet service your best bet to get better food at a lower price;

  • The food will be at the right temperature (unless the caterer you hired doesn’t care)
  • The food will be in the portion size you decide
  • The food will not run out (unless the caterer you hired doesn’t care)
  • The food will be brought out fresh
  • The service will be quicker
  • The cost will be lower

Long story short, buffet style is awesome, and offers you delicious food and a palatable price. But it all depends on the quality of the food and the care of the caterer you choose.

Choose wisely.
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